Hidden Mysteries on Radio Aryan: L’il Sleepy Head, the Dalai Lama & the False Song of Globalism


On this episode of Hidden Mysteries on Radio Aryan Azzmador is joined by guest host DeMarcus Liebowitz, who did a fantastic job! DeMarcus stepped up at the last minute when needed and is truly appreciated.

Azzmador explains Ghost's absence and the future of HMR while DeMarcus gives an update on the European migrant crisis, before both hosts discuss the aid given to them by their home countries.
After that it’s time to cover the demographic and cultural changes wrought by non-White immigration and the rather odd phenomenon of Blacks supporting Hillary.

Ohio State has been shutting down any attempts by #BlackLivesMatter to recreate the Mizzou riots including threats of arrest and expulsion of BLM agitators. This gets talked about, along with "Black Excellence", the Cincinnati gorilla incident, the Dalai Llama as White Supremacist and Glenn Beck's assassination threats and suspension from SiriusXM.

The fact that only 1/3 of 1% of "asylum seekers" in Sweden have found work still has not stopped the calls for more refugees and there has even been some breaking news about a Middle-Eastern/Brazilian network smuggling Moslem terrorists across the southern border of the USA.

We are all "equal" but for some strange reason, some of us are being held to different standards.

Finally, we couldn’t let the show finish without covering the "Lil' Sleepyhead" meme that's rocking the internet!

Tonight's show features the following music:

Michael Graham - War is Coming

The Trump Train

Presented by Azzmador with special guest host DeMarcus Liebowitz

Hidden Mysteries on Radio Aryan: L’il Sleepy Head, the Dalai Lama & the False Song of Globalism – HMR 060316

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