Hidden Mysteries on Radio Aryan: ((((Oy Vey Intensifies))))


On this episode of Hidden Mysteries Radio, Azzmador tries his hand at hosting alone for the first time.

He begins by updating the listeners on fellow HMR founder and co-host Ghost's situation as he fights for his life in the Intensive Care Unit, before talking about the status of the show for the near future.

He then describes a visit to a doctor's office which leads on to a discussion on the irony of the MSM focusing on yesterdays "terror shooting" in Tel Aviv, on the very anniversary of the bombing of the USS Liberty and the reaction of the pod people in the office. After this we get an in-depth explanation of the anti-White system and the Jewish dialectic.

He then explores the latest public whining attack, this particular one is from ((((Jeffrey Goldberg)))) who has been crying and kvetching at his recent discovery of the meaning behind the ((((echo parentheses)))).

After that we get a discussion on the influx of "refugees" and other immigrants to the USA, the cost of these immigrants and the way that our laws allow them to exponentially increase their numbers once they are here and ensconced in America.

The show then winds down with a description of the new Israeli Military aid package and finishes with an absolutely brilliant and appropriate presentation by Dr William Pierce entitled "Democracy".

If you are a fan of Ghost and would like to send him a message, use the comment section of this post. Azzmador is visiting Ghost regularly and will read him your comments of love and support. The nurses say that he can hear it, even though we cannot tell.

Presented by Azzmador

Hidden Mysteries on Radio Aryan: ((((Oy Vey Intensifies)))) – HMR 061016

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