Hidden Mysteries Radio: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Reich

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On this episode of Hidden Mysteries Radio Azzmador is flying solo once again, as Ghost has now returned home from the hospital but was unable to join him tonight.

In honor of the Brexit vote, our host stayed up all night so that he could give his thoughts on this magnificent outcome!

He discusses many aspects of the entire situation, from the media coverage to the possible tactics to be used by our enemies against the native White British to punish them for the vote.

Congratulations are also in order and Azz notes that the hardy Islanders are not nearly so cucked as many seemed to believe.

He explains how we have made so much progress over the last couple of years that it is really impossible to actually calculate how much success we have had.

The referendum has been touted by the press as a sign of things to come in other nations in the near future and this bodes well for Trump.

Everything we see in the news points to a sharp rise in nationalism and our job is to capitalize on this trend and help it gain steam. The tide is definitely turning!

We then get an update on Ghost and learn how he was discharged from the hospital while still quite ill, highlighting the problems lower income Whites in America have in accessing health care.

After that we get a news roundup, in which the changing demographics of the United States are discussed in depth, along with the crime and despair that comes with diversity. A specific incident in which a five year old Idaho girl was raped in a most disgusting manner by "refugee" children makes an horrific footnote to the ongoing problem of Islam among us in the west.

Finally he reveals that another police officer in the Freddie Gray case has been acquitted,  but this moral victory will mean little in the real world, when you think of the SCOTUS decision to halt a part of his amnesty program and the real world defeat to White Americans and constitutional principles in the decision to allow affirmative action at the University of Texas, along with almost every other university in the USA.

Presented by Azzmador

Hidden Mysteries Radio: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Reich - HMR 062416

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