Juhani Keranen Interview: Zeiger

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Juhani Keranen from Studio 204 at Riimuradio interviews Zeiger, who talks about his many different online roles and how he came to be doing them.

He first explains how he came to fascism through Dr William Pierce but due to the lack of an organised resistance in Canada, has had to do most of his activism online. Zeiger defines fascism as looking at the world how it really is and then conforming your ideology to that. A belief in hierarchy is essential, as is a rejection of equality and democracy leading to a comprehensive re-framing of the modern world view, from biology through to social dynamics.

He also gives some insight into the nationalist movement in Canada. Where the country is so vast, most of the people involved live too far apart from one another for the more traditional models of activism to work, so the internet has been a big help in opening up new ways to network and recruit people.

He talks about the various different separatist movements there and how the French Canadians see themselves as very different from the English-speaking Canadians. Historically there has been a lot of animosity between the French and English so there is an ingrained ethnic consciousness about preserving their identity. Unfortunately this has not translated into a strong ethnic solidarity due to an excessive Liberal influence though and the separatists tend more towards civic nationalism than ethnic.

Next he talks about Noose, the online cultural journal for fascists and national socialists. This site differs from other nationalist websites, as it tries not to cover news and intellectual issues but is more focused on the cultural and entertainment aspects to fascism. Fascism is about far more than just politics, it should be about your whole being and Noose helps to get this across to people.

He then talks about how he came to be writing for The Daily Stormer and why the site is so important for bringing people to our movement. Many lessons can be learned just from looking at the style of the articles and it is the first time we have ever had a news outlet catering specifically for us.

Zeiger is also an accomplished author, writing manuals on how to win debates with our people as well as collaborating with other authors to produce fiction. His ‘Hammer of the Patriot’ was very well received and inspired the audio version which was even more successful. Hearing the arguments stated out loud has been very useful for people and this has led on to more podcasts on other topics and an interview with Andrew Anglin.

Zeiger details the process that he went through to create the Hammer, how he wrote down every Liberal put down he could think of and then worked out how to completely smash them all. He says it is important not just to defeat our enemies, as they must be humiliated as well in order to prevent them from using the same rhetoric elsewhere. The winner is not the one with the best arguments, because we are enemies anyway, the winner is the one who dominates. The point is to convince the public that you are their champion and that the Marxist is weak and stupid. The Hammer strategy was built around that and relies upon simplifying things down until you get to a point where the audience has to agree with you.

Finally he talks about ways we can increase our power in opposition to the system . We have to be generous to our people but at the same time, we also have to put restrictions on them. We also want the system to become weaker and he feels the best way to do that is to exploit the contradictions inherent in our enemies ideology. They are a loose coalition of groups that hate one another and it is very easy to cause friction between them, as we see happening right now between the Moslems and the degenerates. The role of our propaganda will also change as the struggle advances and we gain more foot soldiers, at first it was aimed at those around us, but later on it will need to be directed at everyone.

Presented by Juhani Keranen with special guest Zeiger.