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Radio Aryan Roundtable: Jews Doing Our Work For Us


Fascist Lemming joins Sven Longshanks and Juhani Keranen for this week’s Radio Aryan Roundtable looking at three main subjects of importance for the Alt-Right.

First up is the killing of Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen. Sven gives us some background information on her career before offering some choice quotes of hers showing how much she detested her own people. Fourteen hundred White girls were raped by Moslems in Yorkshire, yet she thought we should celebrate the diversity in the area, even going so far as to claim that it had been deeply enhanced by Pakistani immigration. She worked in focus groups on plenty of brown countries exposing modern slavery, but was strangely silent on the sex slavery of White children going on right under her nose. Could it have been this which set the killer off?

The media jumped on the story straight away trying to draw tenuous links between Mr ‘Death to Traitors and Freedom for Britain’ and various decades old nationalist groups, which just makes the whole allegation of right-wing terrorism seem even more suspicious. Could the killer have been offered a lenient sentence in exchange for identifying himself as a nationalist, after he had lashed out in anger? One witness said he was involved in a fight with someone else, when the female MP started interfering.

All three hosts comment and give their opinions, before Juhani talks about the Orlando massacre and the media’s response to it. He feels that the calls for guns to be banned from those on terrorist watch lists is intended for taking weapons away from White Nationalists, not Moslems. Nationalists are usually law-abiding citizens, so it will be much easier to identify the ones who own guns than it will be Moslems and criminals with illegal firearms. Lemming points out that it doesn’t matter who commits the crime, it will always be White people who are punished for it, whether it is taking our guns away or taking our free speech away.

After that he brings one of the most amazing news stories ever to the table. The Jews have decided that the best way to fight us, is to help us identify them by voluntarily adding the internet version of the Jewish star to their names. They are incapable of understanding that the parenthesis are there to aid people in seeing that it is not just a coincidence that all the people in banking, government and the media are Jews. Now everyone will also know that all the SJWs and anti-Whites on Twitter are Jews too.

Just doing that alone would be good, but Yair Rosenberg hasn’t stopped there, he is also calling for all Jews to help us seed the White Genocide meme too. The point of using it was to get the word into the public narrative and the public consciousness, which they will now be helping us do, as they add it to all their tweets. This has to be the most bizarre behaviour that we have observed in the Jews yet. They really are physically incapable of any self-reflection or understanding whatsoever, of why it is that we find them so incompatible.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Juhani Keranen and Fascist Lemming

Radio Aryan Roundtable: Jews Doing Our Work For Us – RT 062016


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  1. " They really are physically incapable of any self-reflection or understanding whatsoever, of why it is that we find them so incompatible."

    As well as contemptible.