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Radio Free Northwest: Bravery and Courage in Sacramento


Harold Covington opens this week’s edition by talking about the TWP demonstration in Sacramento and commends the bravery of those who took part. After this he moves to the weekly round-up of news on the election, before Gretchen reviews ‘Wasp’ by Eric Frank Russell, which is a science fiction book about Syrians. She feels it would appeal more to younger readers who are interested in action and adventure. It was something of a watershed document with regards to espionage and undercover techniques and was an influence on Harold’s own writing.

After this we get to the Brexit referendum and the stunning result that it brought us. In the electoral sense, this was a White racial uprising and it was entirely about immigration, despite the fact that nobody could mention the word during the campaign. He points out that the law is against anyone speaking out against the invasion and cites cases where people have been imprisoned just for stating the obvious, that they should not be here and should go home.

He then talks about Brexit the movie, which had to be framed entirely in economic terms, before moving on to talking about the petition for another referendum. Any attempt to do this will destroy all that is left of the people’s faith in democracy, the same as it will if Trump is denied his rightful place as republican nominee.

After this we get the final part of Harold’s interview for Radio Wehrwolf, where he talks about some of the areas in the North West that are being settled and some of the people who are there, before reminding people that the clock cannot be turned back and that we have to have to now look forward to a separate state of our own, rather than taking back the whole country.

The mother and daughter team then return, to talk about positive masculinity and how men should never allow a woman to dictate to them what masculinity is. Men should do what they want when they want and men should be confident and take charge. They should hold sole power to govern over society and know what women’s role is in the hierarchy. Men should not be afraid to ask a woman’s opinion, but they should never let them make any decisions.

The podcast finishes with some more Frequently Asked Questions about the NWF.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Bravery and Courage in Sacramento – RFN 063016

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