Radio Free Northwest: The Four Phases

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First off, Harold gives some comments on the homocaust and how the narrative has been steered away from Moslems and onto gun-control. They are also now claiming that Omar was a faggot himself, in fact they will say anything rather than admit that there is Islamic terrorism in America. After this we get the obligatory run-down on the race to be presidential candidate, covering Trump, Clinton and Boynee before a retraction is issued, for a recent endorsement of Stefan Molyneux.

Andy Donner is up next, talking about race and why we are racists. Behaviour is genetic in nature and he gives several instances that can be used to prove this, before concentrating on the criminal aspects of brown people’s behaviour and how we have problems verbalising this. He recommends several good text books to read that will give you all the ammunition you need to win any debates and then cites some Tim Wise to make his point.

Gretchen then reviews ‘The Dharma Manifesto’ by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya. Subjects such as natural law and the effect on Dharma of an all-powerful state are discussed, as well as restrictions on voting rights and the dissolving of the state of Pakistan, due to it being made up of multiple ethnicities. Nationalist Hindus today are praying for Trump due to his stance on Moslems and Gretchen wonders if he isnt some kind of avatar. She found the book fascinating and aimed at appealing to the Tea Party movement.

After that we get some more from Harold’s recent interview with Dion from Radio Wehrwolf, talking about Trump, trans-genderism and what the tipping point might be that finally gets people to move to the North West.

He then explains the four planned phases of the North West Front and how there has been a surge in interest recently from people already in the North West. The first phase is to get people to move there, the second is to reach out to the people already there, the third and fourth cant really be broadcast but can be found in fictional form in The White Book. He also counters some criticism that the NWF is really just White flight and describes two other migratory movements that have been in progress for the last twenty years. There is nothing wrong with running to something, it is running away from something that is cowardly.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Four Phases – RFN 061616

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