Radio Free Northwest: Harold in Rhodesia


Harold Covington begins another edition of Radio Free Northwest by praising the high quality of current nationalist media output, especially the videos and audio produced by the younger generations.

Next up is ‘Who Guards the Guardians?’ which concentrates on an ABC news article exposing a cop who left his badge and gun in his car, before parking it in a Negro neighbourhood where both were then promptly stolen.

The Trucker is back in the North West and in the middle of a heat-wave, sitting outside by a fire-pit and drinking a cold beer. He mentions some new job openings in ports, in micro-breweries and how pleasant it is to get home after a 10-week trip.

Gretchen is up next and this week she is discussing Jeff Costello’s ‘Heidegger in Chicago: A Comedy of Errors’ which is a brief but clever book, that critiques many aspects of modernity. It includes the Duchess of Windsor, Ayn Rand and Savitri Devi in fictional encounters with Heidegger, who is on a book tour in Chicago. We also meet J Edgar Hoover and a conspiracy theorist, but Savitri Devi is the most fleshed out character. Gretchen found it a fun read that provided a certain comic relief, along the same lines as ‘Look Who’s Back’.

The second half of the podcast contains excerpts from a Radio Wehrwolf interview that Harold recently made with Dion. He begins by summarising his career in White Nationalism and his novels, before advocating for the White homeland in the Northwest. After that he talks about his experiences in Rhodesia and South Africa, how he joined the Rhodesian army and helped start the Rhodesian White People’s Party before being deported. He feels that the real problem there, was the lack of White people compared to the Blacks. They were completely dependent on this Black labour in able to do anything.

He then talks about the Butler Plan and the State of Jefferson that was first suggested in California back in 1941. The NWF is not the only secessionist movement that sees the North West as the ideal place to settle, there are quite a few others. The origins of the Butler Plan go back to early Christian Identists who wanted a separate territory of their own and the NWF has just continued what Pastor Butler first started.

To finish the podcast off, Harold talks to Dion about what he feels will be the final catalyst for the balloon to go up.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Harold in Rhodesia – RFN 060916

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