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Radio Free Northwest: Violent Reprisals


Harold Covington presents this week’s edition of Radio Free Northwest and begins by questioning how we respond to acts of resistance among our people. These acts are usually the equivalent of a tantrum, never really achieve anything for us and often containing ineptitude and comedic elements. He questions the lack of an escape plan or any real thought to the Jo Cox killing, but still thinks that this particular one was genuine, as it succeeded in making her stop.

After talking about the few violent reprisals against our enemies, Harold moves on to explaining our situation and why it is that people engage in this form of resistance, giving up the rest of their lives for the rest of us.

Next up is the Trucker, who has heard that as many as three people were involved in the gay bar massacre in Orlando. He brings up the analogy of the slowly boiling frog and wonders whether it will take another 9-11 style event to finally get people to move to the North West. He thinks that next time it could be a co-ordinated attack at a big gathering place like an airport, or a theme park.

Gretchen then presents a long discussion on Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s ‘200 Years Together’ which contains a comprehensive history of the Jews in Russia, from the earliest theories on how they got there up until the Jewish Communist take-over. She summarises all the main points from the book and recommends it as being exhaustive and very informative.

After this Harold returns to answer some criticism that he does not appear enough on his own podcasts and reminds people of the purpose of the show, which is to encourage people to move to the North West, which requires that the people already there, make other people aware of it.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Violent Reprisals – RFN 062316

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