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The Daily Traditionalist: An American View on the Brexit Vote

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Azzmador joins Matthew Heimbach for this week’s final triumphant edition of the Daily Traditionalist.

Both hosts stayed up last night to watch the Brexit results and were amazed to see the outcome. Azz points out how the Left have been treating it like it was the day of the rope and Matt compares it to Hitler being elected in 1933. Azzmador would like to see something similar happen in Texas and talks about the energy that this has brought to the secessionist movements. Since the civil war no state has been able to leave despite the United States being designed to serve the will of the people, but after seeing this happen in Britain there is now hope that it could also take place in America. 

Matt questions where we go from here, after seeing that so many people could be mobilised to vote for independence. This model of nationalism shows that it can work, you just have to get a referendum of the people for self-determination. Azz talks about utilising the momentum to our own ends and cites a Daily Mail article claiming that Trump will now definitely be president after the Brexit vote. Farage is also now being compared to Trump and people are asking when he is going to start talking about White people’s interests AS White people’s interests.

Americans are now getting to watch a blueprint on how independence from the globalists can be achieved. Britain may now be able to write her own immigration policies, but those same enemies will still be there, so the British people’s hard work really starts here. The communists discovered that it was much easier to take over a government than to run one and the Jews and the traitors will be doing their best to now cause problems for the UK. Matt says we need to have clear principles that have to be stuck to, in order to ensure that it really does go down in history as independence day.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Azzmador

The Daily Traditionalist: An American View on the Brexit Vote – DT 062416


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