The Daily Traditionalist: Azzmador – Local Governance and Secession


Another week of The Daily Traditionalist kicks off with an Matthew Heimbach interviewing Azzmador of Hidden Mysteries Radio. Azzmador is a long-time advocate for Nationalism, being involved in media work as well as real life activism, making him a great voice of our people.

Matt starts by asking for Azzmador’s testimony on how he got into White Nationalism. Being raised as a White man in East Texas where racial realities are just a fact of life, he tells us that for many years due to the school system and the anti-White mass media, he tried to repress his racial thoughts and feelings before realizing that the love of one's own people is normal, natural and healthy.

Matt and Azzmador then talk about how there is no way to actually be a “good White” in modern America, even if you are fighting for multiculturalism and actively working against White interests. To the globalists the future of America does not include any White people at all, so if you happen to be Caucasian, then you are an enemy of their System.

Azzmador mentions how the best way to make changes in our society is to work politically at the local level, using local networks and connections to gain positions of power.

He then explains why asserting our independence and sovereignty by secession is the only way to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children in the United States. The demographics, Federal policies and the direction of the American economy makes it clear that only independence will give White Americans the ability to secure a future for our Faith, Family and Folk.

The show ends by discussing Texas independence and the growing drive of Texan Nationalists to break free from the Federal Empire and it’s government programs and policies, leading to an independent State that would naturally solve the demographic situation in the region through it’s right-wing policies. He explains how Texas has it’s own bank, it’s own electric and water grid and is moving towards independence on many different fronts.

Azzmador will be back tomorrow to discuss current events in Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Azzmador

The Daily Traditionalist: Azzmador – Local Governance and Secession – DT 061316

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