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The Daily Traditionalist: Brown Savages in Small White Communities


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Azzmador to talk about the impact of refugee resettlement on American communities, specifically the recent horrific rape of a 5 year old girl by a group of these juvenile savages. Azzmador points out that where these crimes happen over a wide area in America, people dont see the links between them like they would in a smaller area, such as happened in Rotherham England.

Poverty is not the cause of immigrant crime, ethnicity is. The White folks of Apallachia have the lowest income and living standards in America, but none of their cities have the high crime rates of the non-White settlements. Multiculturalism brings a mistrust of your neighbours and the first thing people start doing is averting their eyes and not noticing those who look suspicious. This leads to a low trust society where nobody wants to even talk to anyone else, let alone do anything for anyone else. Even those of the same ethnicity end up with a bunker mentality and just keep their heads down. This is why nothing has been done about this attack in Idaho.

Azzmador points out how the people there are having to speak in code, saying things like ‘I was born in America’ meaning ‘We are White, why are these brown people here?’ The police chief’s statement was desperately trying to claim the rapists weren’t from Syria, but who cares what part of the middle east they came from? The minute they come into our communities they start victimizing our people. Our families are being attacked before our very eyes and yet still they are importing more.

Matt explains that it is the politicians who brought them here and it is they who need to be held to account for the crimes their pets have committed. He then brings up a recent news report of Germans booing their president off the stage and chasing him down the street. The news report tries to claim it is just a tiny minority, but it looked like every White German in Germany was there with the police trying to keep them off. This traitor president actually said to the media that the problem was not the elites, but the German people! Azzmador thinks that the Germans are finally waking up to what has been done to them and Matt finishes the show by talking about how inspiring this is for the rest of us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Azzmador

The Daily Traditionalist: Brown Savages in Small White Communities – DT 062816


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