The Daily Traditionalist: The Calm Before the Storm

Yes you should hang your head in shame, letting that bull-dyke straddle your tank
A storm knocked out Matthew Heimbach’s internet so for the first half of the show we have Brett Light joining Sven Longshanks to talk about what is happening in Australia and once Matt joins, the conversation moves to the EU and the Brexit referendum due to take place tomorrow.

Brett talks about how the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull is a Jew who thinks joining Moslems for Ramadan is more important than protecting the Australian people. We have heard a lot about Australia’s points-based immigration system in Britain recently, but according to Brett this has not prevented the country from being flooded with low IQ foreigners. There are nationalist groups there who are starting to gain support due to the problems with multiculturalism, but only one of them is national socialist and that is is the United Patriots Front.

Brett highlights the fact that you can only have real socialism with nationalism and real nationalism with socialism before Matt joins the call and the conversation moves to the Brexit debate shown last night on the BBC. This debate featured a Pakistani representing the remain gang and a Turk leading the Brexiteers. Accompanying them was a loud-mouthed bull-dyke and a communist female from the trade unions. The Moslem mayor could hardly string two words together in English and the bull-dyke refused to allow the other side to speak, squawking and shrieking at Boris Johnson every time he opened his mouth and refusing to let him finish what he was saying.

The leader of the Green Party showed her true colours, calling for the whole of Britain to be concreted over in order to provide hospitals, schools and housing for as many invaders as could fit on the island and a Jew who thought he would name himself ‘King’ informed us that 80% of the immigrants were employed. The idea that these jobs would have gone to British people if the foreigners weren’t there, did not even get addressed.

Matt and Sven discuss the points raised in the debate before closing out the show by giving various reasons as to why the British people should vote to leave the EU tomorrow in the referendum.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach, Sven Longshanks and Brett Light

The Daily Traditionalist: The Calm Before the Storm – DT 062216

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