The Daily Traditionalist: How the Left Became Capitalists

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Dr Matt Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for the start of another week of The Daily Traditionalist.

The topic for today’s discussion is the economic meltdown of Europe and Latin America and the betrayal of the working class by the organic Left. In France, President Hollande calls himself a Socialist but has recently passed a bill to destroy workers unions and to promote big business and capitalist interests.

Dr. Johnson points out that this is due to the fact that France’s labor protections have made it hard for French companies to replace native born workers with the cheaper Third World ones that they have been massively importing into the nation. In order to promote capitalism and globalism, the supposed “Socialists” are opening up France’s economic markets to the hordes of migrants while pushing aside the French working class who elected them in the first place.

The champagne socialists have totally deviated from any form of class struggle or economics, choosing instead to only support policies that hurt White people, families and nationalism. The communists of yesteryear thought they were fighting and dying for the proletarian revolution, but the communists of today fight for transsexuals being allowed to go into girl’s restrooms and for women to murder their unborn children.

Dr. Johnson explains how the Frankfurt School fundamentally worked to redefine the Left in America, making it into a tool of capitalism only giving paltry lip service to the principles of left-wing economics, while really working to destroy the family, communities, our institutions and the nation as a whole.

Matt and Dr. Johnson then discuss what is happening in Latin America. While France is having riots and shutdowns due to the workers revolting against their government betraying them to capitalist oligarchs, Venezuela is facing food and medical shortages after the Hugo Chavez revolution bucked the globalist system.

Chavez was a left wing socialist but he removed his country from the IMF and the World Bank and worked to unite Latin America against the globalists. The West is now funding opposition groups in Venezuela and looking to use sanctions and economic boycotts to starve out the nation and put a more compliant puppet government in power.

Dr. Johnson and Matt finish the show by discussing how the old “Left vs Right” paradigm is no longer relevant. The battle of the 21st century is nationalism vs globalism and people and nations need to start taking sides.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: How the Left Became Capitalists – DT 062016

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