The Daily Traditionalist: Identifying The Unstable Among Us

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Azzmador joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s edition and the first subject covered is the recent assassination attempt on Donald Trump by a British homeless man.

Azz points out how quickly these situations seem to be happening, with the homocaust and the Jo Cox killing last week and now this assassination attempt this week. It seems there are unstable personalities on both the Left and the Right who feel justified in either attempting or succeeding in killing people. Matt points out that the murder of the British MP did nothing but harm to us and that for every Jo Cox that gets removed, there are ten more to take her place. The Radical Left are like Russian conscripts being thrown into the killing fields by the Elites and removing this cannon fodder does nothing to help us, it is far better to stay legal and not provoke the system into blacklisting our ideology.

Azz says we should fight the battle on the battlefield that has been presented to us, which is on the propaganda front. Dylann Roof wanted to make a change, but the only changes he made were to our monuments and our confederate battle flag. Matt feels that people get understandably frustrated at what is going on and want to do something about it, but instead of getting together with others they go off and do something stupid on their own. Azz says it reminds him of someone whose car has broken down, who then goes out there and beats it with a hammer to fix it.

We have the moral high-ground not them, they are facilitating the mass rape and murder of our people but when our own people go out killing others, then we lose that ground. Matt encourages us to increase our networking so that we can self-police each other and look out for those among us who may be on the edge, so that we can then calm them down and direct their energies into something productive rather than destructive.

Finally Azzmador gives some thoughts on Obama’s new policy of settling refugees and illegal immigrants into the small towns that have resisted gay marriage and gun control laws. This is a real wedge that they are trying to drive into these small communities that can be fatally destructive to the cohesiveness of the neighbourhood, but it can also be capitalised upon and fought at the local level.
The Daily Traditionalist will be back tomorrow with Sven Longshanks for one last look at the Brexit campaign before the referendum on Thursday.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Azzmador

The Daily Traditionalist: Identifying The Unstable Among Us – DT 062116

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