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The Daily Traditionalist: Joshua Bonehill – Free-Speech Martyr


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for another edition of The Daily Traditionalist, this time devoted to Joshua Bonehill and the repression of freedom of speech in Britain.

Historically in the UK and the entire Anglo-sphere the right to freedom of speech and assembly has been a cherished sacred right for all citizens. The ability to criticize and even mock politicians and political movements, is the cornerstone of a society that is open to debate and discussion on the direction of the nation. Sven explains some of the history behind our right to free-speech and how it has recently been subverted by various acts of parliament since the war, culminating in a new act which defines us as ‘non-violent extremists’.

Theresa May is the woman behind this new act and it was revealed today that she is putting herself forward as a candidate for Prime Minister. While she has been Home Secretary she has not only banned Matthew Heimbach from entering Britain, but has also sanctioned the imprisonment of various nationalists including Garron Helm, for harmless tweets highlighting the ethnicity of MPs. Her latest crime against us is to allow Joshua Bonehill to be tried five more times for the same offence, something which goes against one of the most ancient maxims of law, that of double-jeopardy.

Many are familiar with the case of Mr Bonehill, who has been jailed for satirical tweets and writings against the Jewish power structure, political correctness and corrupt politicians. Before being imprisoned he had helped to expose our enemies by organizing events against the Jewish paramilitary Shomrim groups that enforce Jewish law and act as the police, even though they are not actual police officers. He had also spoken out against the second class status of British citizens within the UK, due to endless “hate speech” laws and State sponsored support for antifascists and anti-British organizations.

Josh has spent over a year in prison already for an image on his website and the State is now moving to charge him with additional Thought Crimes for more articles on his website. As Sven points out, this is like the government charging someone for having an illegal book and then adding additional charges for each individual page. It is possible under this legally laughable assertion that Mr. Bonehill could remain a POW for a very long time.

It is our duty to stand with nationalists around the world, especially those behind the wire. Sven and Matt encourage all listeners to send Josh a letter of support and solidarity and to also make this free-speech case public knowledge through our own blogs, activism and any means possible.

Details of how you can contact Josh can be found here.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Joshua Bonehill – Free-Speech Martyr – DT 063016


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