The Daily Traditionalist: Matt Parrott on Identity Politics

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Another great week of The Daily Traditionalist closes with Matthew Heimbach interviewing Matt Parrott, one of the fellow leaders of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Both Matt’s begin the show by discussing the phenomenon of how technology, a changing economy and the isolation of the State can and will allow ethnic communities to grow inside modern America.
The modern American government and its “one size fits all” policy for governance has failed everyone, especially White Americans who the regime seemingly spends all of its time attacking and insulting.

Parrott points out that we are reaching a situation like the classic Kipling poem on the wrath of the awakened Anglo-Saxon, we are slow to anger but eventually when we rise up, we will become unstoppable.

The regime tears down our monuments, insults our heroes and works to displace White Americans at every turn. Both the Republican and Democratic Establishment are partying like it is 2042 already, with Whites a minority in our own country, revelling in our demographic displacement.

Nationalists can and should begin working to live communally, to create community aid organizations to care for our members, to care for our neighbors and to provide services for those who the State has abandoned. By doing this we can win the hearts and minds of the unconverted and provide a safe place for nationalists to live and begin building a new Homeland.

Parrott points out that changing technology is destroying the monolithic American culture, where everything from music, film, tv and even pornography has become decentralized from the Jewish oligarchs in Hollywood and Los Angeles. Technology allows us to be better connected with one another and allows us to build our own culture, our own mass media and eventually our own Homeland by having Whites culturally and economically seceding from the failed multicultural American Empire.

The future is bright for nationalists so long as we continue to begin laying the groundwork for our own identity, our own culture and our own future; built by us and for us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Matt Parrott on Identity Politics – DT 061016

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