The Daily Traditionalist: No Man Can Judge in His Own Cause


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Sven Longshanks for another edition of The Daily Traditionalist, this time to discuss the issue of justice in America and in the West.

Donald Trump has recently caused controversy by pointing out that the judge who will oversee a case against him is a Latino and a supported of La Raza (The Race) a Hispanic group that has opposed Mr. Trump and his immigration proposals vociferously. Mr. Trump has argued that Judge Gonzalo Curiel will be biased against him because of his political views and will allow that to influence the case, which has nothing to do with either immigration or Mr. Trump’s presidential run.

To have a situation in which different ethnic groups with different cultures, values and religious beliefs are all judging one another makes it hard if not impossible, to have an unbiased justice system.
Only nationalism properly respects ethnic community differences, while multiculturalism creates a “one size fits all policy” which really means “one size that fits nobody properly”.

Matt brings up the case of a racially motivated beating of a White man in Cincinnati that led to the victim’s death, where a Black judge then gave the Black assailants community service instead of a just punishment.

This judge was later convicted of corruption but it is clear that there is a judicial double standard here, where if White men were to commit the same act against a Black man, the Federal government and this judge would have pursued long prison sentences and punishments for “violating the civil rights” of the victim, but when White people are attacked in multicultural America, “justice” has an anti-White bias.

The only way to bring about justice is to return to traditional definitions of the term by having people judged by a jury of their peers, meaning those of the same ethnic community and even the same class. Only by having your peers judge you can you get a relatively unbiased decision, with diversity leading to unjust decisions where ethnic bias, class bias and forced “Civil Rights” laws becoming more important than the pursuit of life, liberty and true justice.

Sven points out that there is a maxim of law that no man should judge in his own cause, which means that no ethnic minority judges or jury members should ever be sitting in judgement on any hate-crime or hate-speech cases. To break this maxim, means the judgement should be overturned as invalid.
The only solution to this problem is nationalism and each ethnicity and culture overseeing their own people. White people need to stop the false belief of equality and instead stand up for true justice for the sake of our people.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: No Man Can Judge in His Own Cause – DT 060916

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