The Daily Traditionalist: The Orlando Gay-Bar Massacre

British Labour Party reponse to Islamic terrorism
Matthew Heimbach was unable to make today’s episode, so you get Sven Longshanks and Azzmador instead. Matthew will hopefully be back tomorrow.

The podcast starts with some good news about Azzmador’s usual co-host Ghost’s health. Ghost is now out of intensive care and able to communicate once again and he thanks everyone for their prayers and messages of support.

After that we get to the main subject of the show, which is is the media’s response to the Orlando gay-bar massacre. This incident has just been waiting to happen, as Moslems are notoriously against the gay lifestyle, while regularly practicing the actual act among themselves. Azzmador points out the cultural acceptance of sodomy among Sufi Moslems and Sven explains the logic they use to condemn the homosexual man but not the actual act itself.

The Left have been running around like headless chickens after this, desperately trying to find a way to reduce the damage done to their narrative that Moslems, gays and feminists are all on the same side. This has led to members of parliament claiming that ‘we are all faggots’ and a hilarious show of strength and solidarity from the British Labour Party. Trump made a lengthy speech which contained some very good quotes, but also said some things which we would not agree with.

Although we are against homosexuality and see it as a mental aberration, the queers that were shot were not flaunting it down the street or attempting to corrupt the young, they were in their own club away from where they could contaminate others. Trump was effectively defending their right to do what they want on their own territory in his speech, he was not defending their actions in corrupting our young and degrading our society. Where Islamists would throw them from the top of a tall building, we would rather they were given treatment for their illness and prevented from the temptation to indulge in it.

Trump did also mention Christians in the same sentence as Jews and queers, which both hosts were not happy about and this leads on to a conversation about how we expect Islam and Judaism to be similar to Christianity, when both are entirely opposed to it. Where Moslems and Jews are told to treat out-groups as slaves or animals, the Bible just teaches us to keep separate from the other races and to have nothing to do with them.

Whatever else happens, we can be certain that it wont be long before they find some way to blame the White man for this, which Obama and Hillary have already started doing by claiming that the only way to prevent Moslems killing us is to ban guns.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Azzmador

The Daily Traditionalist: The Orlando Gay-Bar Massacre – DT 061416

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