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The Daily Traditionalist: Punching the Shark in the Face


Dr Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach to discuss the aftermath of the Sacramento bloodbath. This rally was held to highlight the threat of red violence that is being used to silence free speech all over America and Matthew explains the importance of facing up to these terrorists and not backing down. Close to 200 Leftists attacked our men with bricks, bottles, knives and bats yet our brave heroes managed to disarm them and hospitalise them. The police were the ones who shut the demonstration down and withdrew the permit, not the antifa.

Dr Johnson speaks about the historical context to physical attacks by the Left and why people need to learn how to fight and defend themselves. These thugs were out to try and kill nationalists due to their intense brainwashing and Matthew asks what it is that has led to this kind of radicalisation. Dr Johnson explains that they have incredible confidence due to the state being on their side, they never get charged and their crimes get white-washed.

The police will eventually have to make a choice over who they protect and the ones in Sacramento were forced to admit that the nationalists were on the defensive, they were the ones who were attacked, not the other way around. The Left will attempt to kill police officers if they get a chance and yet still they never get any jail time. Dr Johnson points out that this is due to political pressure and this is why there were no arrests at the weekend, despite a young man having his artery slashed.

The antifa do the dirty jobs that the state cannot be seen to be doing themselves and Dr Johnson explains that the confidence the Leftists have proves this. The police have been told not to draw their weapons and the antifa are making full use of that opportunity to behave like hooligans. Dr Johnson is of the opinion we should see the police as our allies as they did not join up to protect thugs, but to arrest drug dealers and criminals and the time will come when they are forced to choose us to support.

Matthew ends the show be praising the courage and bravery shown by the Sacramento chapter of the TWP.

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Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Punching the Shark in the Face – DT 062716


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  1. "Leaflet drops?" really Father?

    1. Maybe he was caught off-guard with the question? It does sound a bit strange given the rest of the content of the program.

  2. Battle in Sacramento: Nationalists Clash with Marxists

  3. Battle in Sacramento: Nationalists Clash with Marxists