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The Daily Traditionalist: Rick Tyler – Make America White Again

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Matthew Heimbach is joined today by special guest Rick Tyler, a long-time activist who is now running for Congress in Tennessee.

‘Rick Tyler for Congress’ has been everywhere due to his billboards, which say ‘Make America White Again’ and ‘I Have a Dream’. This was all planned in order to get the most publicity for his platform. He questions what could possibly be hateful about a White man wishing to go back to the society we had in the sixties? One of the owners of the billboards was even threatened by terrorists and had to take the advertisement down.

Matt points out that Ted Kennedy promised in the sixties that the new immigration law would not change the demographics of the country, but it did and the blood is on his hands. The Supreme Court just last week sanctioned discrimination against Whites at universities and in Kentucky they are in the process of tearing down all the monuments to White heroes.

Rick explains that fraud vitiates a contract and therefore Ted Kennedy’s immigration law is null and void. Secession needs to be at the forefront of our conversation because of this, even if it is just used as a threat. He explains why the confederate battle flag is so important to us and a little bit about it’s great history, which has nothing to do with what our enemies say it has. We have to keep our heraldry, because if they steal our past then they have already stolen our future too. He foresaw what would be happening now many years ago and tried to warn people about it, pointing out that the recent attacks on the flag are nothing new and that he has continued to fly one for the last ten years, despite attempts to remove it.

After that, Rick talks about what he hopes to achieve by being on the ballot himself. He could conceivably win, having just in the past week achieved maximum name recognition. By being controversial, he has been able to go far to the right of the present incumbent. He has pointed out how money allocated for thousands of Syrians has been sneaked into a bill that nobody has read, but that he is now highlighting. He is hoping to translate all this notoriety into publicity after seeing the success that Trump has had and sees the challenge now being to keep stoking that fire.

He will be hitting the road with a tour bus with a billboard on each side next week, which will also have a platform on top with a bull-horn through which he can address people. This bus will be a lightning rod for attention, which will keep the story on the front burner. If he just gets 34% of the vote, he could win this election. Matt talks about the huge support for White Nationalism in Tennessee and congratulates him on his campaign strategy, before asking him about his policies, which include auditing and abolishing the Fed.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Rick Tyler

The Daily Traditionalist: Rick Tyler – Make America White Again – DT 062916


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