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The Daily Traditionalist: Through the Looking Glass

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Matthew Heimbach closes out another week of The Daily Traditionalist with Azzmador co-hosting and the conversation starts with Paul Ryan’s threat to sue Donald Trump over wanting to prevent Moslem immigration to America. Stopping immigration is constitutionally protected so he would have no chance of winning and he has a reputation for lying anyway, even being caught out just last night telling fibs on Bill O Reilly.

Azzmador points out that Evangelicals appear to be embracing everything that Liberals were promoting 10 years ago. The belief seems to be that as soon as the immigrants touch American soil, they are home-free and nothing can be done about it.

Matt asks how many times the GOP have ever sued Obama for continually breaking the law and telling the border patrols to stand down? Ted Cruise was always threatening to sue Obama but never did. If the president commits a crime, there should be impeachment hearings. All this talk of suing is a just a waste of time and money. There is a system in place to take care of this, but it hardly ever gets used. Both Bush and Obama have flagrantly over-reached in their powers yet the impeachment process has never been invoked for them.

Resistance to the government appears to have ended when George Wallace stepped out of the schoolhouse door and backed down over the integration of the schools. Since that time, the police state has just not stopped increasing. Azzmador points out that the civil war didnt break the south, reconstruction didnt break the south, but 5 decades of constant propaganda seems to have neutered everyone. Going after the people’s psyche is how they have done this. When we could see who the enemy was, we could unite and fight against them but now the enemy fights by whining and telling us that we have been mean to it.

Things that should really have Christians furious such as gay marriage, trans-gender bathrooms and infanticide have been completely forgotten, while we cry about the supposed sins of our ancestors in providing work and lodging for the Black man. We really are living on the other side of the looking glass where up is down and wrong is right.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Azzmador

The Daily Traditionalist: Through the Looking Glass – DT 061716


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