Truth Will Out Radio: All Slaves to Israel


Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks discuss the material in part 19 of Dennis’ documentary ‘Communism by the Back Door’.

The terrorist state of Israel is only able to survive by extorting money from White nations and it does this in a variety of ways which are discussed by the two hosts. Principal of these is the holohoax extortion racket, which sees Jews still receiving ‘compensation’ for the war 70 years later. Nobody else involved in the war got any compensation yet nobody ever seems to question this. In order to protect Israel from its righteously indignant neighbours, the country also receives masses of armaments and defences, despite being a nuclear power. Germany is one of the main providers of military equipment to Israel and Dennis believes the only reason Germany has been kept alive up until now, is so that she can continue to pay huge sums of money to them.

As well as the primary stream of funds, there are also secondary streams of revenue, generated through the Jews control of international banking. This banking system relies on sovereign debt in order to keep going and with the massive influx of welfare recipients into Europe, this debt will just keep on growing. The more refugees there are in Europe, the higher the welfare bill will be and the bigger the budget required to pay for it. This budget will be produced by the Jewish banks in the form of debt and then the White man has to work to pay it back with his taxes, along with interest. So by flooding Europe with savages, the Jews kill 2 birds with one stone. They make more capital for themselves in the form of debt, plus they get to replace all the White people with brown people.

Jews are not capable of actually doing an honest day’s work and this has even been used as a sob-story by them in the past to gain sympathy. Manasseh Ben Israel’s letter to Oliver Cromwell begging for the Jews to be let back into England claimed the Jews only knew how to lend money at interest and since they had no land, that was all that they could do. However they have been given land many times and each time they have failed to do anything with it other than try to loan it out at interest to someone else. Stalin gave the Jews an entire oblast in the USSR to themselves, yet within 70 years they have dropped down to only 0.2% of the population there. This is because the Jew cannot survive without a host to feed from. The Jews in Israel are only able to get by because they parasite from other nations around the world, they will never be self-sufficient.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: All Slaves to Israel – TWOR 061016

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