Aryan Insights: E Michael Jones – Jewish Agents of Chaos

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Aryan Insights is back and this time with the highly respected Catholic historian, author and editor of Culture Wars, Professor E Michael Jones.

Dr. Jones speaks to Sven Longshanks about a wide range of subjects from his books and interviews, centring around the revolutionary activity of the Jew through the centuries. Dr. Jones’ understanding of why the Jew behaves as he does, is based upon the Jewish rejection of Logos in the form of Christ. He begins the interview by explaining what he means by Logos and how it fitted in with Christian thought, effectively uniting the Hebrew Old Testament with Greek philosophy.

He goes on from this to describing their first insurrection in Jerusalem which had to be put down by Titus and Vespasian and eventually resulted in the city being razed to the ground in the Bar Kokhba rebellion. Whichever unfortunate White nation had the Jews living among them was plagued by their revolutionary activity leading to over a hundred separate expulsions of them from Europe. Their actions have always been directed at Christians and when living among the Arabs, the Jews would not stir them up to attack one another as they did when in White nations, but instead got them to attack any nearby Christian communities.

Dr. Jones takes us through the history of these upheavals that were all engineered by Jews, through Poland and into England, where the Jews used Freemasonry to foment the Protestant revolution and overturn our entire scientific tradition. Not content with this, they then exported the revolution to France where the Marquis de Sade became the first celebrity to publically break all the sexual taboos. Dr. Jones has extensively researched the negative effects of sexual liberation and how it is used as a weapon against us and he explains why this is, when so many of us think free sex is a good thing.

The Jew has always used others so do his dirty work for him and after first using the Black Civil Rights movement as the avant-garde of the revolution, he then moved on to folk music and after that homosexuals. Dr. Jones believes that after all this, they are now going back to using Negroes again with the Black Lives Matter Movement which is financed by George Soros. He exposes the Jews behind the gay marriage movement and points out that America is now little more than a gay disco that is being exported all over the world. Instead of seeing who is doing this to us and rising up against them, we are all being distracted by our aroused passions instead. The Jew arouses those passions and then manipulates us into directing them against the target that they choose.

With so many revolutions in history ending up being hijacked or instigated by the Jew, there is a worry that this could also happen to the Alt-Right and Dr. Jones finishes the interview by suggesting a way to prevent this from ever happening.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest E Michael Jones

Aryan Insights: E Michael Jones – Jewish Agents of Chaos – AI 071816

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