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This week's installment of Granpda Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day is brought to you by Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama's new reality TV show "Bromance". What kind of a sorry state are our governments in, when this is the best "leadership" that democracy has to offer? Our statesmen of years gone past must be rolling in their graves at the open faggotry that passes itself off as politics in today's Jewed out system. Democracy being the corrupt form of governance that it is, has allowed those who benefit from that system to escape all accountability for the destruction they have wrought, while we waste our energy blaming ourselves.

Which brings up the point of those who claim that naming the Jew equates to nothing more than whining and that we only have ourselves to blame, because "we" let our society get to this point and allowed these Jews to gain their stranglehold on power. Grandpa disagrees and points out that if you cannot name the enemy to begin with, then you have no hope at all of devising a winning strategy and eventually accomplishing victory.

We then move on to a major improvement in the U.S. military's readiness to combat anyone in the world, with the amazing breakthrough of allowing transgenders to serve openly in the ranks. Downward spiral you say? What downward spiral? This is a major victory! Of course, when we think about how this would look and how it would be implemented, it really isn't that hard to see what will happen.

The fallout from Brexit continues as we look into a story about the EU having a plan to combine all the member states into one big superstate, before we move on to the listeners comments and questions section. These are great as always and actually fit right in with the day's topics. Our first deals with how our opponents like to use gotcha style questions that if you are not careful and looking for the lie, will cause you to fall into their rhetorical traps. Our second question concerns Grandpa's personal opinions on an individual blogger and although he usually avoids giving his opinion on individuals as his one opinion does not equal everyone else's, since he brought this person's name up at some point in the past he decides to go ahead and discuss them, as though they may be in the Alt-Right it is not one of us in the Alt-Reich. This question does also give us the opportunity to discuss a broader topic though, about how we deal with the question of who is and who isn't a part of our movement. Great times and dudeplomacy lie ahead on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the day.

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