Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Remote Frogcast Edition

Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day - remote frogcast edition. This week's frogcast is coming to you from an internet free remote location, using a generator for electricity. Such is the dedication of Grandpa in bringing you his weekly show. We forget how great it is having the interwebs as our primary news source, until we are stuck out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but Fox News and CNN for information on happenings. However, we shall endeavour to persevere.

We start the show off on the topic of National Socialism as a viable alternative to the false choice of Communism vs Capitalism. We are taught and conditioned to believe that this is our only choice but historically speaking. this is categorically false. For example: monarchy was a standard form of government for centuries, yet now we are led to believe this is obsolete and our only choice is either Communism or Capitalism. Why is it that a political system such as National Socialism is demonized above all else when even if you believe 100% of the anti NS propaganda, Communism is responsible for far more deaths and suffering than NS has ever even been accused of?

Moving on to current happenings, there has been another Islamic terrorist attack in France. These things keep happening and anti-Moslem sentiment is growing, which is natural considering the state of things, yet it is important to keep our goals in mind so that our feelings towards these hajis are not manipulated by the Jew to achieve the ends to their goals. Let us not forget, we simply want kebab removed and placed back in kebab land. Our end of that deal is that once in kebab land, these people need to be left alone. We don't need to bomb them for democracy or women's rights or any other emotionally driven reason. It is not our problem how they treat their people in their countries, we simply do not want them here.

As much as we detest these hajis, let us not forget it is the Jew who has promoted, funded and aided flooding them into our own countries and now these same Jews are hoping to use our anti haji sentiments to goad us into fighting more wars and killing these hajis for these kikes. Let's not fall for their trap.

Our next topic of discussion is the move by Russia to ban religious meetings outside of official churches. What's all this about? Some on our side have pointed out correctly that this is aimed at Moslems and their activities but could there be more to it than just that? If you will recall, Russia has outlawed subversive NGO's which serve no purpose but to foment revolutions to the benefit of corrupt western governments. Grandpa believes that in response to this move, the NGO's are now moving to claim that they are holding religious meetings when instead they are of course, carrying on their subversive activities and this law is a move to head this off.

Next topic up is a Tweet from the Texas Governor, posturing about how Texas is fighting to stop more Syrian rapefugees from coming into Texas. Grandpa calls out this posturing lie for what it is. There is no fighting it as long as you are limiting yourself to using the jewdicial system.

We then move into the always great listener questions/comments segment with a question regarding those who are not Christian within our movement and how they fit in. There can be infighting between the different religious believers in our camp. Does it have to be this way? In short, no. Grandpa goes into his thoughts on the topic of keeping our common goals in mind for if we as a people do not survive, none of our religions will either.

Our second listener question/comment is on the topic of conspiracy theories and the nonsense that anything and everything is some sort of psy-op being used against us. Even those who are at the forefront of furthering our cause get accused from time to time of being a secret Jew agent. Grandpa gives his thoughts on not letting yourself fall too far down the rabbit hole. Deep topics, fun times and roosters crowing in the background, only on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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