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Tuesday is finally here and that can mean only one thing: Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. That's right goys, it's frogcast time. We start off by carrying over from last week the topic of National Socialism viewed from a practical stand point and what it would actually look like applied to the issues that confront us today. Though no system can be perfect and we do not claim that NS is, it does however hold answers to problems that are a concern to both the so-called Left and Right.

Grandpa Lampshade goes all policy wonk for this episode setting up the prerequisites for a nation and and all the things that are required for a people to thrive. So-called conservatives claim that NS would require the heavy hand of government setting the wages instead of the market, but Grandpa proves this to be patently false. If you establish borders then you have limited the labor pool and the market dictates that wages will then go up with very little further government action being required.

This brings us to the stark reality that the problems and issues that we face today, whether you are on the Left or the Right can NOT be fixed with Democracy. Democracy is what has brought us to the brink of ruin that we find ourselves in today. When the right to vote has been extended to virtually everyone regardless of merit, you do nothing but corrupt and contaminate the entire political system.

Moving on to Trump news for the week: we touch on his securing the nomination to run for President and we take a brief look at some of the happenings at the Republican Convention. Why are we supposed to forget the numerous felonies committed by Hillary Clinton and focus on whether or not Trump's wife might have used a similar line as the First Wookie Michelle Obama? It's all nothing more than (((media))) distraction.

One of the highlights of the speech for Grandpa was the fact that Trump all but said that when elected President he will name Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization. If this were to come to pass, all sorts of amazing things could result.

We also touch on a topic that we cover quite a bit on Thoughts of the Day, as to why we name the Jew. There are many facets to why we do this, but we highlight the fact that some people out there are so lost that they are blaming people like the Iranians for things that are directly attributable to the Jews

We wrap up our final thoughts by talking about Trump himself. We have successfully used the Trump campaign to push things our way rightwards. However, we must not get carried away and think that Trump is the end to all that it is that we are trying to accomplish. He is in the end just a stepping stone to our goals. One of the great things the Trump campaign has done is to highlight who our enemies actually are. It can seem at times that we are up against a formidable enemy, but when we actually look at who comprises our opposition once you strip away the Jew owned apparatus, we find they are not nearly so indomitable. As always, we keep our eye on the ball and our heads high and proud as we march forward.

Inspiration and insight lie straight ahead for you on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the day.

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