Radio Free Northwest: The Extra-Judicial Monkoid Execution


Harold Covington begins this week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest by playing an optimistic audio diary from a White migrant moving from Texas to the Northwest.

This was recorded before Bernie flipped to supporting Hillary, so there isn't much to report on the presidential race, but Harold is looking forward to watching the Donald and the Hildebeast tear the whole house of cards down once they start really going for each other’s throats. He gives us his predictions of what will happen at the conventions but is still not ruling out Trump running on a third party ticket.

Gretchen reviews ‘Blood and Culture’ by Cynthia Miller Idriss this week, which is a study book on the Far Right in Germany over the last century and how much importance ethnicity has played in it. The book deals with acceptable pride and unacceptable pride and how this definition has changed over the years. Teachers in Germany are duty-bound to oppose the Far Right, so they deliberately try to make young Germans confused about their identity by telling them that non-Whites are just as German as they are. Gretchen found the book interesting but dated and also disagrees with a lot of the ideas being promoted in it.

The Trucker is disgusted by Facebook this week, particularly the displays of open faggotry being advertised on there. He encourages Whites to move to the Northwest and help with the removal of all this degenerate filth.

Harold finishes the podcast off by commenting on the Dallas Cop shooting and Hillary Clinton escaping justice for the reckless mishandling of state secrets on various insecure devices.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Extra-Judicial Monkoid Execution – RFN 071216

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