Radio Free Northwest: From Occupy to Black Lives Matter


Harold Covington starts this week’s show by talking a bit about the first face-to-face meetings that people have with the North West Front, before giving his regular rundown on the presidential race. The Never Trump crowd have had to eat humble pie and on the surface, it looks like Trump has now been accepted as the Republican candidate. He had better watch his back though, this was supposed to be the coronation of Jeb Bush and the men in expensive suits are not going to forget that.

The Trucker is up next, calling in from Minnesota with a top secret edible load to talk about job opportunities in the North West if you want to become a trucker like him.

After that Harold returns to play us an audio clip from Aaron Clarey explaining what Men Going Their Own Way is, in order to clear up any misconceptions about it. He explains that MGTOW is really just a re-prioritisation of what is important in life, brought on by the knowledge that women are now no longer fulfilling their natural function and are instead, misusing their privileged position in society to manipulate and exploit men.

Finally Harold gives us some analysis of the recent spate of deliberate gun attacks on the police, likening the state of America to a host animal that gets too many parasites and collapses. He explains the history of Black Lives Matter, how it really started life as Occupy Wall Street and once that had served its purpose, Soros withdrew his funding and invested it in the Negro underclass while at the same time encouraging White privilege conferences.

Years ago, the people controlling these movements knew that their proxy soldiers were really nothing like them, but the real fear today is that the Liberals calling for more Black privileges actually believe their own rhetoric. There is a very real danger that their BLM movement will get out of hand and turn on them. The only thing that prevents these Blacks from burning the whole of civilisation down, is their fear of police and if you take that away from them, there will be nothing to prevent them from turning on their masters and devouring them.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: From Occupy to Black Lives Matter – RFN 072116

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