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Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance


Harold Covington returns and begins this week’s podcast with a round-up of news from the Democratic Party concerning Bernie’s sell-out to Clinton and blubber-mouth Schultz’ resignation. The appointment of Kain is clearly to appease her banker buddies, she couldn’t care less about Bernie. Moving on to the RNC, Harold draws attention to the pathetic performance of the ‘protesters’ who failed to pull more than a few dozen mongrels together to whine about Trump in public. Is this because Soros withdrew his money? Or was it because Ohio is an open carry state?

The Trucker calls in with some commentary on the outbreak of race war in Dallas and lays the blame squarely at the feet of Obama. He advises people to always be carrying something to protect yourself with, for when the monkoids start burning the bitch down.

Harold then tells us about his fears for the White Nationalist movement if something goes wrong with Trump, before Gretchen appears to review ‘The Purple Revolution’ by Nigel Farage. It tells the story of Nigel’s life, his time at college, becoming a commodities trader, running his own firm and eventually getting involved with UKIP. The book covers the main rise of UKIP from 2013 to 2015, including the defection of Tory MPs Reckless and Carswell to the party. The author was looking forward to the referendum at the time this was written and it details the worries the party had about the format the referendum would have, the funding, the wording and such like. Gretchen tells us her views on the EU, how she sees the EU open door policy as harming Europe and her possible worries about treatment of the Poles. She hopes we could find common ground in a White ethno-state, but realises that the EU is definitely not that.

Andy Donner then talks about using pro-White media as entertainment. It is a good replacement for the Judaic filth on tv, but even then we still have to be careful that there isn’t any poison mixed in with it. What is the point of giving up one Jew-inspired poison for another Jew inspired poison, this time masquerading as the alt-right? He uses examples such as Milo and Gavin McGuiness to make his point, before condemning Stefan Molyneaux, who though he may claim to tell the truth about race, never mentions the Jew and only ever comes up with a variation of libertarianism as a solution.

Harold closes the podcast by reminding us to use the internet as a tool and as a weapon, not for entertainment, before telling us about the ghostdance that the Indians hoped would save them from destruction. This was supposed to bring all their ancestors back from the grave to help them defeat the White man. It failed. We may think that ridiculous, but are we not doing similar, by evoking images from the past and posting them on Twitter, instead of rising up and and taking deliberate forceful action?

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance – RFN 072816

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