Radio Free Northwest: In Seattle


First of is the weekly presidential horse-race report and Harold thinks Hillary will not now be indicted for her emails, especially not after hubby Bill met with the Attorney General last week and made certain everyone knew about it. Due to this impropriety, the whole investigation would have to begin again if protocol were to be observed, kicking the case into the long-grass for at least 2 years. He also comes up with a possible scenario that could mean Obama stays in office, with both Hillary and Trump out of the picture until 2020.

After this we hear from the Trucker who mentions that there are now 6 years worth of Radio Free Northwest in the Archives, if anyone wants more Harold. They could also tune in every day to Radio Aryan, where we play a new podcast from his archive each day, as well as the new weekly one. He also talks about how great the weather is in the Northwest and lists some of the outdoor activities that take place there.

Harold then returns to remind us about what happened to Edgar Steele and the depths that the enemy will stoop to, in order to silence us. Nobody knows the real reason why he was given such horrific treatment, solitary confinement, no visitors, poisoned water – this was an extra-judicial execution. He was poisoned after his body guard left and the wardens did not even bother to tell his wife that he had died.

Harold then plays a recording of Steele talking about secession to remind us of what we have lost, before Gretchen appears to discuss ‘Operation Werewolf’ by Paul Waggener. This book is based around the eventual collapse of civilisation and the defiance of death and decay. She thinks he has a bit too much of a focus on crudeness and destruction, which is only a small part of life on the Alt-Right and that he may possibly be trying to divert us with it to a dead end.

Harold then returns to finish the podcast off with a fire-side chat about White character.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: In Seattle – RFN 070716

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