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Sven Longshanks: Jews and the Old Testament - SL 070416


When we criticise the Jews, it is important that we do actually criticise Jews and not people who the Jews themselves mock and criticise. A look through the Talmud will show you that the Jews do not just blaspheme Christ and his mother, but they also cast vile aspersions against Adam, Noah, Shem, Eve, Isaiah and others. 

They have even brought out their own Internationalist versions of the Bible claiming Abraham’s wife was a whore, when it says nothing of the sort in the King James Bible. This is no different to when they call Mary the Mother of God a whore in their own Talmud. They like to claim that Christ’s ancestors were whores and if they can get White people to say the same, then they win.

Five hundred years ago we could have been forgiven for thinking the Jews were just ignoring the Old Testament, but since the publication of the Talmud we now know they have nothing to do with it at all. Mocking figures from the Old Testament is what the Jews do in their Talmud and if we do not want to behave like Jews, then we should not be joining them in doing so. The Bible is the Christian holy book, it calls the Jews devils, serpents and antichrists and it is hated by them.

Judaism did not exist until after Christianity, it was created by the Pharisees and their descendants who were rejected by the Apostles and Christ. The Hebrew religion of the Old Testament revolved around the priests, the temple and the sacrifices and the religion of Judaism is based upon a criminal code dreamed up by the Rabbis, in opposition to Christ and his fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy. You will not see statues of Moses, Isaac or Jacob in any synagogues, you will only find them in churches and if we mock them, we are just mocking our own ancestors' role models, heroes and saints.

Abraham was not a Jew and neither was Isaac, Jacob or Moses. None of these people were around when the land of Judea was so named and the people of the Jews named after it. Calling any of them Jews is like calling the High Kings of Ireland from a thousand years ago ‘Americans’.

When Nationalists make mistakes like this, we just look stupid to any Jew who sees it, or any Christian who has researched it and we are also desecrating our ancestor’s beliefs. If we wish to be in tune with our predecessors, then we should at the very least treat what they saw as sacred with respect, for if we do not, then how are we any better better than the Jews who despise Christianity and mock our Christian Bibles?

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Jews and the Old Testament – SL 070416


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  1. What a great analysis! Very unusual to hear comments on the Bible of this quality. I never thought of the now even to me obvious fact that an international Bible is a Jewish re-written Bible. Thank you for pointing it out.
    Knowing very little of the Christian fathers I would like to point out something well understood in India whose philosophies I know a little better than Christianity: There was not just "the one" Abraham the Jews claim to be their ancestor, there were very many abrahams. The abrahams were outcasts, impostors forbidden to practice teaching in India, so they were put down and driven out Abraham means a-braham, "a" is a negating prefix meaning an abraham was a non-brahmin, not of brahmin castes and forbidden to learn and teach philosophy (including what we today call science, knowledge). The abrahams were impostors to be driven out of India. Sounds familiar? Jewish untouchable non-caste impostors that created disorder and confusion, parasiting and preying on pre-India, to be driven out. We must follow the Indians' example, perhaps call the Jews "acitizens" in the manner of the Athenians, and have them expelled once again.

    1. Pale-Hebrew had no vowels, so the word would have been BRHM.

      Abraham was the noble caste and his desendants went to great trouble not to marry outside of it.

      Jews have as much to do with Abraham as Barack Obama has to do with Alfred the Great.