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The Daily Traditionalist: Anti-Pope Demands Poland Open Borders to More Syrian Disembowelers


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and begins by talking about the recent Welsh Forum where he was a guest speaker. The UK Forums are a great place to meet with other nationalists and learn the truth about what is happening to our race. They are not factional, nationalists from any party or group are welcome and the next one will be in Yorkshire. Anyone wishing to attend should contact the organiser Jez Turner, a tireless and brave fighter for our race if ever there was one.

After discussing the Forum and the upcoming Rick Tyler/TWP event in Tennessee this weekend, the two hosts turn to the anti-Pope’s recent visit to Poland. Francis was not well-liked by the Poles before his visit, despite Poland being 90% Catholic  and he is even less likely to be appreciated now. In the same week that an innocent Polish girl was disemboweled in Germany by a Syrian refugee, the anti-Pope had the audacity to start scolding Poland and demanding that they open their borders to more of these savages.

This excuse for a Pope appears to have no concern that one of his priests has just been beheaded on sacred ground by the infidel and instead of calling for a Crusade, is calling for Catholics in Poland to welcome their own destruction with open arms. It is no wonder they are not happy about him being there, he is just an embarrassment to genuine Catholics everywhere. Matt points out that just within the last century the Catholic church has gone from supporting Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and other nationalist and fascist statesmen, to being at the forefront of globalism and liberalism. The Catholic church used to be the voice of morality and the source of tradition, but today it is just another tool of the New World Order.

Sven points out that St Paul was the apostle to the nations and that the word Catholic was never meant to imply universalism, it meant that people used the same scriptures and had the same traditions within the church, not that everyone was the same. Francis tells us we should be loving the enemies of our race and of God, but this conflicts with the instruction to hate the enemies of God with a perfect hatred.  The church used to denounce Islam as idolatry and satanism, is this new Pope telling us that the teaching of the church was completely wrong up until the age of liberalism? If God is the truth, then he cannot contradict himself, so it is the Pope who is lying and not God.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Anti-Pope Demands Poland Open Borders to More Syrian Disembowelers – DT 072816


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  1. ALL the catholic religion is CRAP a made up religion from start !! So WTF we talking about !!!

  2. Wow, what an articulate argument you make, you sure persuaded me!

  3. The church is not the catholic church