The Daily Traditionalist: Austrian Vote-Rigging


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach today to discuss the recent news from Austria about voter-rigging, but first he gives his testimony as to how he came to be doing what he is doing. He talks about how he became suspicious of the Oklahoma City bombing and when he started looking into it he realised there was a huge aver-arching conspiracy of the Jews against us that included silencing authors like himself.

The Austrian Freedom Party lost by just 1% and now it has been exposed that there has been substantial voting fraud, so much fraud that there will have to be another election. Andrew points out that what the Jews fear most is nationalism and this is why they made this obvious last-ditch attempt to derail the democratic process. They do not want a popular nationalist leader to take charge, who could start changing the education system, defending the borders and cleaning the country up.

In Britain they are now trying to legalise prostitution and scrap all criminal records, this is the sort of freedom that is being pushed upon us, along with gay marriage and trans-genderism and the Jews do not want this stop. Nationalism will put an end to all this as it is harmful to the nation, so any sign of a nationalist movement has to be immediately crushed by them. The Centre-Right parties have now moved so far to the Left that they are promoting causes that the Left themselves were 20 years ago. Even a civic nationalist like Hofer is seen as a threat by them.

People are opposed to the globalists as we have just seen through the Brexit referendum, but the problem is that all the alternatives are either part-Jewish or have pledged their support for them. The media is 96% controlled by Jews and they are moving fast to shut down the internet, as they are incapable of fighting a fair fight. They have to rely upon the people not knowing that there is an organised ethnic group responsible for the hostilities against us.

Andrew ends the podcast by explaining why nationalism in Britain has a problem with naming the Jew, even though they are the ones behind the threat to us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Daily Traditionalist: Austrian Vote-Rigging – DT 070116

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