The Daily Traditionalist: The Batak Massacre


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s episode of The Daily Traditionalist, continuing the conversation from yesterday about Moslem terror on the streets of Europe and contrasting it with the Batak massacre, a horrific catalogue of Moslem atrocities inflicted upon thousands of innocent White men, women and children by brutal brown savages in 1876.

While the European world is reeling from the recent beheading of a Catholic priest inside a Church and the disemboweling of a pregnant woman, along with half a dozen other terror attacks in just the past two weeks, it is important to realize that this is not the first time that atrocities like this have been carried out against us by Moslems.

At the Batak Massacre the Bulgarian uprising against Turkish occupation had been offered peace terms by the Turkish soldiers, only for the Turks to then torture and murder the Bulgarians after they had surrendered and fulfilled their oath by laying down their arms.

The Turks went on to rape, behead, chop up, impale and roast alive thousands of the surrendered Bulgarians who refused to convert to Islam. “According to most sources, around 5,000 people were massacred in Batak alone. The total number of victims in the April uprising according to most estimates is around 15,000, which is supported by Eugene Schuyler's report, published in Daily News, according to which at least 15,000 persons were killed during the April Uprising in addition to 36 villages in three districts being buried.”

The martyrs of the Batak Massacre have been canonized by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and this massacre has been kept in memory by the Bulgarian people, but many in Europe are unaware it that it even happened.

Within Europe we must remember and learn from the mass murder and rape of the Byzantines, the Islamic conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and the other countless attacks by the Islamic world against the West over the past 1300 years. This is a part of a long-term strategy of the Islamic world to destroy European Christianity and the White race that hold it within their hearts.

The attacks by ISIS and other Moslem terrorists is not a new phenomenon, it is in fact a continuation of a process of both religious and ethnic warfare being waged against our people.

Until Europe awakens to the fact that it is at war and has been at war for centuries, we will not be able to end the vicious slaughter of our fellow countrymen. The time is now to remove the invaders from our soil, send them home to their own nations and retake our sovereignty, before more Batak Massacres are inflicted upon  our land.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: The Batak Massacre – DT 072716

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