The Daily Traditionalist: BLM Terrorists at the GOP Convention


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s episode and brings a unique insight into the policing of political conventions, pointing out that there would normally be no need to draft extra police in for a political party to talk to one another. He asks what respect do these ‘protesters’ actually have for the democratic process when an army of police officers have to be drafted in to prevent them from rioting and intimidating the opposition? He points out that these protest groups are really just an excuse to attack White people and uses Black Lives Matter as an example of this. While it may be Moslems in Europe that are directed against us, in America it is the Blacks that are used as the main weapon against Whites, and in both cases it is the Jew who is really responsible.

Matt talks about his experiences with Black Lives Matter, how they seriously believe that White cops are travelling around in death squads just looking for Negroes to pick off. Hearing the statistics makes no difference to them, even though the numbers show that there is no racial bias. The level of violence that they are engaging in now is directly attributable to the Jews behind the media. They tell the Blacks that they are just being killed for being Black and the Negroes believe it.

The anti-White bias of the media would be so obvious to people if they just thought about it. If a snow-leopard was having it’s territory encroached upon people would be trying to save it, but because it is White people this is happening to, people think it doesn’t matter. ACH brings up some statistics, showing that White people used to be 30% of the world’s population but now we are under 10% and yet still there are people calling for more immigration.

The Jews have been directing the Blacks against us for decades and ACH points out that the NAACP was openly ran by Jews right up until the seventies and now we have a similar situation with George Soros using BLM against us. If we could prevent the Jews from getting involved with the Blacks there is very little chance they would have thought these protest groups up on their own. If we could only get the idea into their heads that if they just separated from us, then they would never get killed by a White cop ever again.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Daily Traditionalist: BLM Terrorists at the GOP Convention – DT 071916

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