The Daily Traditionalist: Church Collaboration with the Enemy


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach to start the week off by discussing traitors in the church, referring to a recent article trying to get Christians to support Black Lives Matter.

The Orthodox church is only a small population in America, but they did organise units to fight in the civil war under the Confederate battle flag and they kept out of the civil rights movement in the sixties, yet within 50 years of that they are now teaching that racism is a sin.

Heimbach brings up the recent murder of 5 White police officers by a Black radical and points out that the BLM rally where this happened was being led by the queer rights activist seen above, who claims to be a Christian pastor, while writing books about Christ being a sodomite. Dr Johnson gives his perspective on how things could have got like this, where people preaching the opposite of traditional Christianity can get away with claiming to be Christian. He explains that capitalist interests have been buying the church off since the French revolution and they are now so powerful that they control all the media as well.

The key force which decides what we should be thinking is significant is the media. The television decides what is real and what is not, they promote these degenerate preachers and they also promote the idea of White police armed to the teeth and going after young Black children. Heimbach brings up some statistics to show that you are 15 times more likely to be raped and 7 times more likely to be murdered in America, than be a victim of police violence.

The media defines our narrative for us and it has spent decades subverting Christianity and twisting it beyond all recognition. Dr Johnson points out that just in his life time he has seen the complete rejection of all the Old Testament prophets. He puts this down to them being explicitly political and all about nation and race. The opposite of what today’s church-men preach. The first Christians heard the Apostles speaking in their own national languages and this was a defining factor for them in starting the first churches. Christianity was nationalist from the start.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Church Collaboration with the Enemy – DT 071116

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