The Daily Traditionalist: Clinton Leaks and Murder on the Streets


Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the DNC Leaks in America. Pregnant women have been hacked to death in the streets and suicide bombs have been going off in Germany, yet still nobody is talking about sending the refugees back home. Nobody that is apart from us, as MH points out, before explaining that Saudi Arabia have spent more money spreading Wahhabism in Europe than the Soviet Union ever spent on spreading communism. This is a particularly violent form of Islam which is being preached in all the mosques that the Saudis have paid for to be built in our countries.

Integration is not the answer, the answer is repatriation. MP points out that we need a two pronged policy to deal with this, we have to stop with the wars for Israel in the Middle East that are driving the enemy into our countries and we have to send the ones that are already here back. MH explains that it does not matter what religion they are really, as it is their demographics which are the problem. Even if they did not commit any crimes at all and were contributing to the economy, they would still be displacing us.

Moving on to the DNC leaks, MP talks about how anyone who is exposing corruption, will eventually be accused of being an anti-Semite. Wikileaks have just exposed a series of emails, showing how Debbie Wasserman Shultz squashed the Bernie revolution. The reason for this being that Bernie was actually opposed to the neo-liberal machine. The amount of cronyism and corruption that has been uncovered in these emails is incredible and it is threatening to engulf the entire Clinton campaign.

Trump has not even started running his campaign against Clinton yet, so how is she going to fare once he really gets going? MP thinks that Trump is going to win with 50%, that Hillary will get 35% and the rest of the vote will be split between the smaller parties. The numbers we have been getting so far from the polls have all been from before Trump had the party behind him. He does now have them behind him and judging by his recent acceptance speech, he is sticking to his promises and this will mean his popularity will just keep on increasing, while hers can only decrease with all these scandals following her about.

The show ends by discussing another recent poll, which showed that 51% of people would vote for David Duke.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Clinton Leaks and Murder on the Streets – DT 072516

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