The Daily Traditionalist: The Coronation of May and the Capitulation of Sanders


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach to talk about the complete stitch-up of the democratic process in Britain which has led to the Shariah-loving feminist vulture Theresa May being crowned Prime Minister. ACH explains the background to this, how there was supposed to be a choice given to the Conservative party members yet because one of the candidates dropped out, she will now be standing unopposed.

The Labour Party are trying to do the same and want their lesbian candidate to stand unopposed too, so they are trying to oust Jeremy Corbyn and prevent him from running again, as they know the Labour party members will all vote for Corbyn if he does. What this shows is that the parliamentary parties are now entirely opposed to their own members, let alone the general public and do not dare let them vote for the leader of a party.

Theresa May supported the Remain campaign and to have her as Prime Minister is going directly against the will of the people, yet every one of the newspapers has been supporting her and it was their underhand tactics that caused the other candidate to resign from the competition. The whole democratic system is corrupt and we see this again today in America, with Bernie Sanders now going back on his word and endorsing Hillary Clinton.

The last time there was a female Prime Minister in Britain the country was stripped of all its nationalised industries and sold for pennies to Jewish capitalists and Matt explains that the same thing has also been carried out in America. ACH talks about how they did it in Britain by first getting a Rothschild bank to undervalue the assets before George Soros then crashed the economy. The people involved in this scam were then rewarded with highly placed jobs within the banking system.

Now the assets have been sold, the UK has a Prime Minister who wants to prevent us from even being able to speak about it with her ‘non-violent extremists banning orders’. This bill that she is trying to pass through parliament would ban Christians from speaking about the Bible and prevent Nationalists from speaking against immigration. The surveillance state will get a huge boost from having her as Prime Minister and this is why the establishment and the media have been pushing May since Cameron first announced his resignation.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Daily Traditionalist: The Coronation of May and the Capitulation of Sanders – DT 071216

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