The Daily Traditionalist: Freed Slaves Should Go Home


Matt Parrott and Sven Longshanks stand in for Matthew Heimbach today, as he is at the Republican Convention, hopefully we will be getting a report from him on it tomorrow.

Matt and Sven start by comparing the similarities between what is happening with the Republican Party in America and the Labour Party in Britain. The GOP delegates do not want to be supporting Trump, but the party members love him. The same is happening in Britain, with Jeremy Corbyn being hated by 75% of his own MPs, yet loved by the Labour Party members. This has now got so bad, that Corbyn is talking about taking his own party to court. The Republican Party has two choices, they can either accept Trump and keep their members happy, or they can destroy the party by trying to keep him out.

Black Lives Matter and assorted other degenerates are all camped outside the convention doing their best to intimidate those attempting to get in. Most of these ‘protesters’ are varying shades of brown and their hatred of Trump is really just a thinly veiled hatred of White people. It does not matter how much we try to appease the other races, it will never be enough for them. They had nothing when we bought them in Africa, yet out of the kindness of our hearts we clothed them, fed them and sheltered them and when we thought they could handle it, we freed them so that they could go home. But they didn’t go home, because the White man’s home looked so much more appealing to them than their own.

Both hosts then discuss slavery in general and point out what the truth about it is, how Whites were enslaved in America first, how slavery was not abolished in Africa until after the year 2000 and how Whites are actually the only people ever to stop all slavery everywhere. Australia was originally settled by White prisoners, but you do not hear Australians calling for reparations, because they take pride in what they can create for themselves. White people do not expect others to do everything for us, we see what needs doing and we get up and we do it for ourselves.

Presented by Matt Parrott and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Freed Slaves Should Go Home – DT 071816

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