The Daily Traditionalist: Lone Wolf Moslems Wake White People Up


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s episode of The Daily Traditionalist and of course, the subject matter is the recent beheading of a priest by a Moslem, within the sacred confines of a church, while he was at mass. MH points out that observant Catholics go to mass regularly during the week, just like he did and this could have been any priest that was attacked like this, as we have Moslems in every one of our countries. This was not about a kill count, this was about the symbolism of the attack.

ACH points out that they are trying to make each atrocity more outrageous than the last. He quotes Hollande as saying that we have to increase our security as the terrorists will stop at nothing, yet during the war, those in the homeland who were at war with the Germans and the Americans, were all incarcerated in prison camps. Moslems have declared war upon us, yet nobody is rounding them up, they are trying to make excuses for them instead. Not every Japanese or German was against America or Britain during the war, yet they all had to be locked up for the good of the nation they were living among. We need to isolate these people from us and then remove them back to where they came from.

MH points out that one of the terrorists had been refused entry to Syria. He had been trying to get out of the country, yet France kept him there in France. They released him into the population, despite the fact he was trying to join ISIS. MH is baffled as to how somebody that they knew was a terrorist, could then be allowed back into the population to kill our people.

The Jews have brought all these ethnic groups in to kill off the White race, they are the replacement population for us and the Jews are the ones stopping the French from rounding them all up and removing them. ACH believes the lone-wolves are destabilising the Jewish control, as they would rather wait until there was even more Moslems here first, before making their move to take over. Every time we get a terrorist act against us, more White people wake up and the Jews plan for an Islamic state in Europe looks that little bit less likely.

MH brings up a quote from Pope Urban II talking about Christians uniting to fight against the Islamic menace in the middle ages to round the show off, before comparing him to the recent Pope Francis, who goes around washing the enemy’s feet instead of encouraging us to fight back.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Daily Traditionalist: Lone Wolf Moslems Wake White People Up – DT 072616

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