The Daily Traditionalist: More White Victims


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s episode to talk about the recent spate of attacks against White people in Europe. We have had a Moslem who drinks alcohol mow down 90 people in a truck, an ‘unaccompanied child refugee’ chop up 20 people on a train in Germany, a mass stabbing incident in London’s Black area and a mother and her 3 children stabbed by a shariah observant Mohammedan on holiday in France. Every one of these crimes has been carried out for a different reason, but the end result is always the same thing, more White victims. Whether they claim to be supporting Isis, following Islam or just acting on a perceived injustice, they always ends up leaving White victims in their wake.

We never used to have a word like ‘mugging’ in our language, but since the arrival of the third world, we now have terms like gang-rape and mass-slaughter to add to it. Matt asks how it could ever have been allowed to happen in the first place and Sven points out that it takes the full weight of the state to keep up the pretence that diversity is a strength, but he does see signs that this is changing. The French Prime Minister was booed and jeered at after the recent minute’s silence after the Bastille Day massacre and a representative of AFD was asked by RT for comment on the attack. It is very rare that the Far-Right actually get asked for comment by the mainstream media and this shows that there has been a big change in public opinion on what is acceptable and what is not on the tv.

In Europe the question should not be how to make multiculturalism work because that is impossible, we should instead be moving towards the repatriation of all foreigners to their own homeland. Just as it would be wrong for Europeans to go into foreign nations and displace the native population, non-Europeans doing this to us is a literal genocide of our people. The blood of the victims of terrorism, child rape and other Brown-on-White crime, is dripping from the hands of the politicians and elites who brought these people into our civilization in the first place.

Matt and Sven wrap up the show by discussing how the System has worked to redefine what a nation is. The idea that foreign-born people could be “British” or “American” goes against the very founding ideals of our nations and the original definition of what a nation is. A nation is the shared blood of a people united to a specific soil, that is what makes it our land. A foreigner cannot become one of us because he or she does not share our blood or an affinity for the land or our Traditions.

We must fight against the radical Left and promote true nationalism, the one of Faith, Family and Folk.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: More White Victims – DT 072016

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