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Matt Parrott from the Traditionalist Worker Party is your host for today, standing in for Matthew Heimbach who will instead be at the annual Keystone State BBQ representing the TWP.

Matt starts by discussing the most recent Moslem atrocity in France. In addition to the 84 dead victims, there are still about 50 people who are between life and death. Although this is a huge event, these attacks are now happening so often that he thinks they have almost become banal.

While this attack against us was being prepared by those who hate us, instead of rounding up the Moslems and removing them from Europe, Germany has been busy persecuting those critical of immigration and speaking out against attacks like this one in Nice. Sixty patriots were arrested, simply for tweets. Even Richard Spencer has fallen foul of the PC police this week, as the new Prime Minister of Britain made it known that he was now banned from visiting the UK.  Matt states that they can figure out who we are easily enough, but they dont seem to be able to work out who it is that is carrying out these terrorist attacks against the European people.

It seems like there are no brakes to this train, no matter what crimes the immigrants commit in our countries, it seems totally unacceptable for our leaders to prevent any more from coming in. Instead of doing the obvious and removing kebab, all the political parties seem to be calling for more bombing raids in Syria and Iraq, when it is these bombing raids which are helping to drive these hostile forces into our lands. The only politician to be talking any sense about this at all is Trump, but unfortunately he looks like he might be picking Newt Gingrich as his running mate. Matt suspects that this is down to Sheldon Emerson bending his ear.

Matt then talks about how we need to be more aggressive in our resistance to these policies. He does not see a slow infiltration as working, we need to be radical and forthright in our views and speak the truth about the system being rigged against us. We need to identify the Jew and point out his role in this and the best way to do that is through public activism. This may be dangerous, as we saw in Sacramento, but it serves as an example to people of how vicious and violent the Left is, in trying to shut down Free Speech. We have to demonstrate the State’s bias towards us and in the end, that is the only way we are going to get that done.

Presented by Matt Parrot

The Daily Traditionalist: Radical Resistance – DT 071516

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