The Daily Traditionalist: Trump the Magnanimous

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Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach once again for a discussion based around the Republican convention and the Lying Ted’ appearance at it. Donald Trump showed amazing restraint and loyalty to the Republican Party by allowing him to speak, he did the honourable thing and the audience obviously expected that to be reciprocated by Cruz. When Lying Ted did the dishonourable thing and broke his pledge to support Trump, he just showed himself to be the weaker candidate. Trump has been very magnanimous at this convention so far, he did not even sack the speech-writer that stitched his wife up. By not lowering himself to even responding to these attacks on himself and his wife, Trump shows that he can rise above the petty insults and by doing so, he just looks even better to the general public. 

Ted Cruz spent his time telling people to “vote with their conscience” apparently assuming that none of the delegates already were voting for Trump according to their consciences. Ted Cruz is the definition of a sore loser and one who is working to actively sabotage the leader of his own party in the general election.

Next the discussion turns to the protesters outside the RNC. Originally law enforcement and Leftist radicals had planned for this convention to be a repeat of the 1968 Democratic Convention, filled with violence and riots, but many of the planned protests have had far fewer participants than originally planned with a great deal fewer arrests or violence. Members of the Revolutionary Communist Party and other radical organizations have confirmed that the reason for their turnout being so low is the fact that many Trump supporters are armed and prepared to use their Second Amendment Rights for self protection.

One of the Communist organizers reported that  “people contacted me saying, ‘boy I would like to attend but I’ve been hearing about all this violence and people bringing guns… and the huge number of police.' People just did not feeling comfortable coming.” The forces of the radical Left and Black Lives Matter love to commit crimes and violence, but only when their White victims are disarmed. This continues a trend of radical Leftist organizations using violence and intimidation in “Gun Free Zones” and other spaces, where they can then engage in cowardly blitz attacks knowing that the law-abiding nationalists have been stripped of their right to self-defence by the State.

Leftists might be loud, but most of them are afraid to bleed for their cause and won’t sacrifice when they know they might be held accountable for their actions.

Matt and Sven wrap up the show by discussing how the walls of political correctness are crumbling and the time for nationalism both in Europe and in America is now.

The future is bright for nationalism, it is up to us to bring the message to the people in the streets and in our communities.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Trump the Magnanimous – DT 072116

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