The Daily Traditionalist: Trump’s Acceptance Speech


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach for the Friday edition of The Daily Traditionalist and the subject matter is Trump’s acceptance speech from last night. ACH starts by reading a quote from the speech that accuses Obama of allowing foreigners to violently attack White Americans with impunity. The speech itself was full of ideas that we support and we have to ensure that he keeps to them, if he becomes President. Matt points out that every time he spoke about border patrols the audience were roaring and cheering their approval.

Trump made a point of saying that we cannot afford to be so politically correct any more and ACH describes some of the different ways that PC is harming us, how we cannot even call illegal immigrants criminals any more.  Hate-filled foreign ideologies should not be brought into our countries, the same as we should not be exporting ‘human rights’ to theirs. Trump spoke about the crimes that are committed by the non-White invaders, describing in detail the effects it has had on one family. We never hear anyone in the establishment humanising the victims of illegal immigrant crime like this and Matt sees this as being a very astute move, as it really appeals to people.

Trump’s speech was full of attacks on the globalists and calls to start putting America First. He drew attention to how big business and elite media moguls were supporting Clinton and how he is going to change all of this. ACH hopes Trump realises the ethnic component to the people that he is describing there and Matt reminds us that Trump has had to deal with Jews all his life through his business transactions, so he must know that they are the source of the problem.

He really didn’t hold back on Clinton either, highlighting her ‘terrible, terrible crimes’ while others who have been accused of the same are still being punished now. Nobody has ever called their opponent and out and out criminal before in the presidential elections. ACH wonders whether he might even jail her if he gets into power and Matt reminds us of some other instances of crime by the Democrats, that the Republicans have refused to use against them. The fight begins next week and Clinton is not going to know what’s hit her once Trump gets going.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Daily Traditionalist: Trump’s Acceptance Speech – DT 072216

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