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Truth Will Out Radio: Kalergiphile Traitors of the 20th Century

Europe Destruction

After taking a week off due to illness Dennis Wise returns to Truth Will Out Radio and reveals a shocking tale of treachery against the White race, linking the worst traitors of the past 100 years with Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the author of the infamous Kalergi plan to mongrelise the whole of Europe and leave us all looking like Egyptian Arabs. Kalergi also wanted us to be ruled over by a new Jewish aristocracy and is credited with first formulating the diabolical plan for a European super-state in order to achieve this.

Dennis links together various public figures such as Bill Clinton, Harry Truman, Angela Merkel and even Winston Churchill, as he shows them all working to a blueprint laid down by the Count. Adolf Hitler was aware of Kalergi’s plan and had sharp words for him, causing him to flee Germany for Czechoslovakia, then France and eventually America to Roosevelt. The Freemasons pledged allegiance to promoting his idea and Winston Churchill even laid a special plaque, to the architect for the extinction of all European nations.

Dennis shows that the Kalergi plan was put into action against Germany right after the Versailles treaty, with the movement of Negroes by the French forces into Germany and the immediate effect of race mixing between Blacks and White whores. The Morgenthau plan was an extension of this original Kalergi plan and whether that was intended or not, it still served the same purpose and Truman ensured that the integration of Europe into a super-state became official US policy.

Sven points out that the Kalergi plan has been used before to wipe out all the previous White civilisations and that this is just the fist time it has been called by that name. If we were not blinded by pornography and materialism, we would see multiculturalism for what it is and reject it. The other races know what they were created for and they act in compliance with this, it is only us who seem confused about how to behave. It is only through resisting the materialist temptations of the Jew that we discover genuine satisfaction with life, never by giving in to them. Hitler wrote that life was all about struggle and this should not be seen as a bad thing, but a chance to improve ourselves and to lead by example. The more people there are that are resistant to modern degeneracy the better chance we have to defeat those who are trying to replace us.

Presented by Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks

Truth Will Out Radio: Kalergiphile Traitors of the 20th Century – TWOR 072916


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  1. Dennis you forgot to mention Christian Slovakia was ally with Germany join preemptive attack on jew Soviet communists !!!

    1. yes I will make sure it is in the documentary my friend.