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National Action are now banned in Britain and this was recorded and published before the group of activists were disbanded in December 2016.

Ben Raymond from National Action is our guest for this episode of Aryan Insights. Ben is the main propaganda man at NA, designing the images they use and the videos they put out and is also responsible for speaking to the press. He starts the interview by giving us a bit of his background, how he came to be a nationalist and how he and Alex Davies first got together to start National Action.

He describes the strategy they used to get maximum media exposure, making use of Liberal outrage to appear a much larger group than they originally were. This projected a show of strength which encouraged more people to join and NA now have chapters all across the country, with a particularly large one now centred in London. Ben then talks about some of his favourite projects which got the most media exposure, starting with this year’s ‘Miss Hitler’ competition and the NA infiltration of the Left as the ‘Antifascista’ at Swansea White Pride. The Left have caused all sorts of trouble for us over the years by infiltrating our organisations and playing agent provocateur, but it has rarely if ever been done to them.

After this Ben talks about last year’s White Man March in Liverpool, which saw the police pelted with rocks as thousands of the great unwashed were bussed in to the city to prevent nationalists from exercising our right to free speech. This drew masses of publicity and Ben explains how NA managed to turn this to their advantage, before returning with a flash demo and taking over the centre of the city. This was a well planned operation which included a decoy demonstration elsewhere and was their most successful activity so far. Despite the police being viciously attacked by the Left during this demo, the police are still siding with them and Ben suggests some reasons for this.

The BBC showed an interview with Ben last year and he also talks about this and what ended up on the cutting room floor, before talking about the NA aesthetic and the recognisable skull masks that other groups all around the world have now started using in a gesture of solidarity. Finally he gives some advice to young nationalists hoping to get involved in activism through the Daily Stormer Book Clubs.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Ben Raymond

Aryan Insights: Ben Raymond - National Action – AI 082416

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