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Fascist Lemming: The Best Current Year Ever – Day One Mudvader Deportations


The latest addition to Radio Aryan brings us his first instalment of ‘The Best Current Year Ever’ and what a debut show he has for us. 

Fascist Lemming starts by introducing himself and laying out the format that the show will take in the weeks to come, before diving straight into why this is the best current year ever with the now obligatory Trump story. The god-emperor has announced that hardcore deportations are to come on the very first day of his presidency. Hundreds of thousands of mudvaders will get the boot and within the first hour he is pledging to deport all the illegal gangs and drug cartels. How about that for a return to form in the glorious leader? 2017 will surely be the year of the great deportations.

After that is an article about another great truth-teller Governor LePage of Maine calling for an all out race war. He wants to "shoot the enemy" who he describes as 90% Black or Hispanic and intent on selling drugs and impregnating White wimminz. Instead of apologizing for pointing out hate facts, this fearless leader has doubled down and called out his detractors to a duel at dawn with loaded pistols. Based LePage is proof positive that not all our elected politicians are afraid of being called a racist and some of them do still have respect for the truth.

Moving on to the latest Duke news, apparently the GOP are backtracking on their vote to bar Duke from future elections as there are legal concerns preventing them from doing this. This is just another sign that Duke's senate run is favored by God, and that no amount of Jew-scheming will keep him from winning. Duke is also putting out robocalls for people to vote for himself and Trump, pointing out that if Hillary wins, the mud people will take away our firearms and our free speech. Please vote for and support Duke where ever you can. He will not hurt Trump's campaign but he will fight to protect your political speech so that you don't get fired. He will force the traitors in the senate and the house to take a position on the 1965 immigration act and he will hold Trump to account while supporting him on all the important issues, like the wall and keeping out the mudvaders. .

Tons of coverage from the Jew media on the Alt-Right follows,  starting with an article from Rawstory that professes to tell us ‘7 must know terms for the hateful Alt-Right’, while at the same time making people aware of brand names Daily Stormer and White Genocide. Next, we have an "Alt-Right" guide from Alternet that covers Spencer, Taylor, Anglin and others. They discuss the dividing line between the hardcore anti-Jews and the softie intellects, while also mentioning the White Genocide meme of course. We really could not buy all this advertising even if we tried.

After that we get some analysis of an article from Forward talking about Alt-Rightists reaching out to Jews as allies. The whole article talks about how Jew-friendly Spencer and Taylor have been, showing the dangers associated with this type of movement modernisation. It also turns out that "Alt-Right" was first coined by the Jew Gottfried, although he can hardly be credited with the ideology behind it. 

Finally, an article from The Onion also promotes the White Genocide meme and actually gives a decent analysis of what the Alt-Right is, albeit in a satirical manner.

Top quality listening awaits with your host Fascist Lemming, as we check out what’s happening this week in The Best Current Year Ever.

Presented by Fascist Lemming

Fascist Lemming: The Best Current Year Ever – Day One Mudvader Deportations – FL 083116


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