Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day with Fascist Lemming


This week's frogcast is a special edition featuring both Grandpa Lampshade and Fascist Lemming's Thoughts of the Day, upping the ante on exposing the madness and kikery that we observe around us and on the news.

After a brief discussion of Twitter and Youtube happenings they get right into the meat of the matter with politics. Both political parties in the U.S. have wrapped up their conventions and there is plenty to be talking about. One of the most striking things being that the last remnant of a mask of opposition that the Republican Party once held, is now gone. It is obvious for all to see that for years this has just been a racket and the so-called Republican leaders have been working hand in hand with the Democrat Marxists.

Our old adversary the Jew is discussed, as is normal because nine times out of ten most of our problems boil down to Jewish activity. Again, our views on Jews are not based on irrational hatred but on pattern recognition and we see this pattern being repeated once again, with the Bernie Sanders supporters getting jewed over at the end. Surprise surprise Goyim! The DNC leak has been big news, with reports of the media and the Democrat party working hand in glove together to ruin the old communist’s chances. The same media which has been exposed for their corrupt behavior, now want us all to be distracted by their unsupported claims that the Russians were the ones who hacked the emails.

The Moslem happenings are continuing to escalate and where it used to be that we had a single Moslem happening a week, it now seems to be almost a daily occurrence. Grandpa and Fasc talk about how the lack of any sort of retribution just emboldens these Moslems further.

As usual the show finishes with the listener’s comments and questions section and this week we get to hear both Grandpa and Fascist Lemming's thoughts on the topics suggested. The first of these is on the the Jewish question and how to bring people around to being Jew-wise. This is always one of the more difficult hurdles to get over, so what better than to have these two explaining how to do it.

The next question is about the U.S. breaking apart and balkanizing and what groups there are on our side that are promoting a White homeland to be established in the northwest. In short, Grandpa believes the U.S. will break apart, as the current multicultural model is not sustainable. Grandpa and Fascist then go into further detail with their thoughts on this topic and on establishing a separate White homeland.

The final listener question deals with bringing people around to our point of view and this listener's specific family member is stubborn and will not accept reality for what it is. Grandpa and Fascist jump right into jimmie rustling territory with their answer, which is that you just have to throw the towel in with some people. After all, not everyone can be reached.

Double the good times and double the fun lie ahead, with Grandpa Lampshade and Fascist Lemming’s Thought of the Day.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade with special guest Fascist Lemming

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day with Fascist Lemming – GL 080216

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