Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day with Dr David Duke

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It's a very special edition of Thoughts of the Day this week with Dr. David Duke in the hot seat and Grandpa Lampshade in the prestigious frogcast studio. With Dr. Duke joining us via Skype, our thoughts are naturally on politics and the corrupt political system that we are up against in our struggle. We can wish for and imagine a better system that benefits our people, but the reality on the ground is that if we all get behind Dr. Duke then we are taking the necessary steps to create one. Dr. Duke fills us in on the latest from his Senate campaign and we discuss the crooked tricks and backroom dealings which have taken place to try and stop one of our own from attaining a position that might actually benefit our people.

Dr. Duke's Senate campaign offers a unique opportunity for each and every one of us to do something meaningful and tangible in the fight for our cause. As a part of this effort, Grandpa Lampshade will be issuing and pinning a FUNraising tweet the day after this show airs. The way it works is simple: GPL will make a donation to Dr. Duke's campaign at the time he puts the tweet up. Everyone who sees the tweet who makes a donation then retweets the tweet. We will see how effective we are by the number of retweets we get as they will directly correlate with the number of donations. Remember: the goal isn't necessarily a big donation so much as getting a large number of donations of any size. Even just five or ten dollars multiplied many times over will make a YUGE difference. Remember, don't retweet unless you make a donation. This will be fun!

We then discuss the irony of having a community organizer turned President lecture us on who is and who isn't qualified to hold public office. We take a look at the Clinton campaign, which Grandpa sees as one of the worst run political campaigns he has ever seen. How does the father of the Florida gay bar massacre get a prominent seat behind Mrs. Clinton? Surely someone in the campaign is in charge of making certain that things like this don't happen? Dr. Duke points out that it is actually quite appropriate since Mrs. Clinton is responsible in large part for the creation of ISIS. We then delve into the mess created by the likes of Clinton and Obama in countries like Libya and Syria and Dr. Duke shares some amazing information about how many of the Christians in Syria are actually blonde White people and closely related to the original Greeks.

It becomes ever clearer that the fight against the same Marxist enemy rages on, even after all these years. An enemy by the way, that is hell bent on our destruction. We discuss the shocking opinion of former CIA Director Morrell who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, openly calling for the killing of Russians and Iranians in Syria, even though these people are fighting what is supposedly our great enemy ISIS. Grandpa points out that Hillary's foreign policy boils down to fighting WW3 with Russia to protect terrorists. Though this may sound funny, it's a deadly serious matter.

What has to be one of the most informative, motivational and thought provoking editions of Thoughts of the Day lies straight ahead. This is a fun and exciting ride we're all on, so get on board this crazy train with no brakes as we take it to the limits, with Grandpa Lampshade and David Duke's Thoughts of the Day.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade with special guest Dr David Duke

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day with Dr David Duke – GL 081616

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